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Other (Wave, Tidal, etc.): 0 Geothermal: 0 Wind: 360 Solar: 20 Small Hydro: 120 Large Hydro: 0 Bioenergy: 15 Wind: 0 Solar: 0 Small Hydro: 246 Large Hydro: 280 Bioenergy: 12 Financial Closure Financial Closure Pipeline Pipeline Wind: 0 Solar: 0 Small Hydro: 5 Large Hydro: 0 Geothermal: 74 Bioenergy: 0
2012 Financed and Pipeline Projects. Click on the project name to learn more.
Project MW Technology USD million Development Stage
Angat HPP Turbine IV & V 246 Small Hydro 441 Financial Closure
Tranzen Agus III HPP 225 Large Hydro 500 Financial Closure
Ambuklao-Binga Hydroelectric Power Complex 55 Large Hydro 55 Financial Closure
ASEA Aklan Biomass Plant 12 Bioenergy 12 Financial Closure
Alternergy Pililla Wind Farm 90 Wind .. Pipeline
Burgos Llocos Norte Wind Farm 86 Wind .. Pipeline
Caparispisan and Balaoi Wind Farms 80 Wind .. Pipeline
Trans-Asia Guimaras Wind Farm 54 Wind .. Pipeline
First Gen Puyo & Bubunawan SHPPs 54 Small Hydro .. Pipeline
Alsons Mindanao & Visayas SHPPs 53 Small Hydro .. Pipeline
PetroEnergy Nabas Wind Farm 50 Wind .. Pipeline
MAEC Currimao Solar Plant 20 Solar .. Pipeline
Mina Biomass Plant 15 Bioenergy .. Pipeline
Vivant Malogo Phase I SHPP 6 Small Hydro .. Pipeline
2012 Sponsors. Click on the sponsor name to learn more.
Sponsor Country of Origin MW # of projects
Korea Water Resources Corporation Korea, Rep. 246 1
Lanao Hydropower Development Coproration (LHDC) Philippines 225 1
Tranzen Group Incorporated Philippines 225 1
Alternergy Philippines 90 1
Energy Development Co (EDC) Philippines 86 1
UPC Group United States 80 1
SN Power Norway 55 1
Aboitiz Equity Ventures Philippines 55 1
Trans Asia Oil & Energy Development Philippines 54 1
First Philippine Holdings Corporation (FPHC) Philippines 54 1
Policy information courtesy of the IEA/IRENA policies and measures database. Click on the policy name to learn more.
Policy Name Type Target Status Year
An Act Creating the Department of Energy's Rationale for the Organization and Functions of Government Agencies Related to Energy and Other Related Purposes Policy Processes Multiple Renewable Energy Sources .. 1992
Mini-Hydro Law Financial Hydropower .. 1991
An Act to Promote the Exploration and Development of Geothermal Resources Financial,
Regulatory Instruments
Geothermal .. 1978
An Act Ordaining Reforms In The Electric Power Industry, Amending For The Purpose Certain Laws And For Other Purposes Regulatory Instruments Multiple Renewable Energy Sources In force 2001
Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) Education and Outreach,
Incentives Subsidies,
Policy Processes
Multiple Renewable Energy Sources In force 2002
Investment Priorities Plan (IPP) Financial,
Incentives Subsidies,
Regulatory Instruments
Multiple Renewable Energy Sources,
Solar Photovoltaic,
Solar Thermal,
In force 2002
Biofuels Act Financial,
Incentives Subsidies,
Regulatory Instruments
Bioenergy In force 2007
Renewable Energy Act Financial,
Regulatory Instruments
Multiple Renewable Energy Sources In force 2008
Executive Order 462: New and renewable energy programme Types Wind Status ..