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Other (Wave, Tidal, etc.): 0 Geothermal: 0 Wind: 150 Solar: 0 Small Hydro: 0 Large Hydro: 0 Bioenergy: 0 Wind: 300 Solar: 160 Small Hydro: 0 Large Hydro: 0 Bioenergy: 0 Financial Closure Financial Closure Pipeline Pipeline Wind: 85 Solar: 0 Small Hydro: 0 Large Hydro: 0 Geothermal: 0 Bioenergy: 0
2012 Financed and Pipeline Projects. Click on the project name to learn more.
Project MW Technology USD million Development Stage
Nareva Tarfaya Wind Farm 300 Wind 467 Financial Closure
Ouarzazate Solar Phase I 160 Solar 1,438 Financial Closure
EDF Taza wind Farm 150 Wind .. Pipeline
2012 Sponsors. Click on the sponsor name to learn more.
Sponsor Country of Origin MW # of projects
International Power United Kingdom 300 1
Nareva Holdings Morocco 300 1
ACWA Power Saudi Arabia 160 1
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co Ltd (MES) Japan 150 1
Electricite de France France 150 1
Policy information courtesy of the IEA/IRENA policies and measures database. Click on the policy name to learn more.
Policy Name Type Target Status Year
National Agency for the Development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policy Processes Multiple Renewable Energy Sources In force 2010
National Integrated Project for Solar Electricity Production and National Agency for Solar Energy RD n D,
Public Investment,
Policy Processes
Solar Photovoltaic,
Solar Thermal
In force 2010
Renewable Energy Development Law 13.09 Policy Processes,
Public Investment,
RD n D
Solar Photovoltaic,
Solar Thermal,
In force 2009