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Other (Wave, Tidal, etc.): 0 Geothermal: 0 Wind: 1,500 Solar: 0 Small Hydro: 75 Large Hydro: 0 Bioenergy: 96 Wind: 1,370 Solar: 0 Small Hydro: 553 Large Hydro: 14,046 Bioenergy: 324 Financial Closure Financial Closure Pipeline Pipeline Wind: 5,365 Solar: 0 Small Hydro: 887 Large Hydro: 188 Geothermal: 0 Bioenergy: 957
2012 Financed and Pipeline Projects. Click on the project name to learn more.
Project MW Technology USD million Development Stage
Belo Monte Hydro Power Plant 11,200 Large Hydro 14,800 Financial Closure
Teles Pires HPP 1,820 Large Hydro 1,896 Financial Closure
Brookfield Brasil Small Hydro Power Plants 443 Small Hydro 0 Financial Closure
Santo Antonio do Jari Hydro Power Plant 373 Large Hydro 512 Financial Closure
Renova Energia Alto Sertao II Wind Farm 363 Wind 717 Financial Closure
Alusa Ferreira Gomes HPP 252 Large Hydro 466 Financial Closure
Centrais Geradores do Sul do Brasil (Tractabel Energia) 219 Large Hydro 42 Financial Closure
Triunfo Garibaldi HPP 178 Large Hydro 428 Financial Closure
Brasventos Rio Grande do Norte Wind Farm 166 Wind 378 Financial Closure
Energisa Renascenca Wind Farm 150 Wind 365 Financial Closure
Geribatu Wind Park 252 Wind .. Pipeline
Areia Branca Wind Farm 200 Wind .. Pipeline
Chui Wind Farm 144 Wind .. Pipeline
CPFL Renovaveis Atlantica Wind Park 120 Wind .. Pipeline
Energimp Tiangua Wind Farm 120 Wind .. Pipeline
Corredor do Senandes Wind Park 104 Wind .. Pipeline
Santander Ceara & Rio Grande do Norte Wind Farms 90 Wind .. Pipeline
Pedro Afonso Thermal Power Plant 80 Bioenergy .. Pipeline
Fontes dos Ventos Wind Farm 78 Wind .. Pipeline
Omega Delta Wind Park 76 Wind .. Pipeline
2012 Sponsors. Click on the sponsor name to learn more.
Sponsor Country of Origin MW # of projects
J. Malucelli Construtora de Obras LTDA Brazil 11,442 3
Construtora Queiroz Galvao Brazil 11,200 1
Grupo Bertin Brazil 11,200 1
Odebrecht SA Brazil 2,058 3
Iberdrola SA Spain 1,988 3
Rio Bravo Energia Brazil 474 3
Brookfield Asset Management Inc Canada 443 1
EDP Renovaveis Portugal 373 1
CPFL Energia Brazil 373 5
Ersa Brazil 373 5
Policy information courtesy of the IEA/IRENA policies and measures database. Click on the policy name to learn more.
Policy Name Type Target Status Year
Interministerial Commission on Climate Change (CIMGC) Policy Processes,
RD n D,
Education and Outreach
Multiple Renewable Energy Sources In force 1999
2010-2019 Plan for Energy Expansion Public Investment,
Policy Processes
Multiple Renewable Energy Sources In force 2010
National Rural Electrification Programme - Programa Nacional de Electrificação Rural Incentives Subsidies,
Public Investment
Multiple Renewable Energy Sources Superseded 1999
Mandatory Biodiesel Requirement Regulatory Instruments Bioenergy In force 2008 (amended 2009 and 2010)
National Programme for Energy Development of States and Municipalities - PRODEEM Incentives Subsidies,
Public Investment
Solar Photovoltaic Ended 1996
Brazil National Climate Change Plan Policy Processes Bioenergy,
Multiple Renewable Energy Sources,
Solar Photovoltaic,
Solar Thermal,
In force 2008
India-Brazil-South Africa Declaration on Clean Energy .. Multiple Renewable Energy Sources In force 2007
Luz para Todos (Light for All) electricifation programme Incentives Subsidies,
Policy Processes,
Public Investment
Multiple Renewable Energy Sources In force 2003
Programme of Incentives for Alternative Electricity Sources - Programa de Incentivo a Fontes Alternativas de Energia Elétrica - PROINFA Incentives Subsidies,
Regulatory Instruments
In force 2002
Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) Education and Outreach,
Incentives Subsidies,
Policy Processes
Multiple Renewable Energy Sources In force 2002
Integrating Environmental Strategies - Research Programme RD n D,
Policy Processes
.. Ended 2000
Electric power auctions - Biomass Regulatory Instruments Bioenergy In force 2008
Electric power auctions - Wind Regulatory Instruments Wind In force 2009