Glossary of Terms


Developing Countries: countries categorized as low- and middle-income under World Bank classification.


Financial Closure: The period of time after a loan or other financing agreement has been entered when all conditions have been fulfilled (or waived) and all documents have been properly filed and executed. After the financial closure, the sponsor has access to credit for a project and drawdowns are allowed.


Large Hydro: Hydroelectric power plants larger than 50MW.  


Pipeline projects: projects expected to be commissioned within two years or having a contractual indication of the likelihood of achieving project completion, such as the obtention of an Environmental Impact Assessment, contracting an equipment supplier, signing a power purchase agreement or other similar milestones.


Private Participation in Infrastructure: Private parties have at least a 25 percent participation in the project and as such share in the risks of the project. 


Regional Accronyms:

   EAP: East Asia and Pacific region

   ECA: Europe and Central Asia  

   MENA: Middle East and North Africa region

   LAC: Latin America region

   SAR: South Asia region

   SSA: Sub-Saharan Africa region


Renewable Energy Project: renewable energy projects are those that generate electricity from energy sources that are naturally replenishing. Renewable energy sources include: biomass, hydro, geothermal, solar, wind, ocean thermal, wave action and tidal action.


Small Hydro: Hydropower plants smaller than 50 MW. The generally accepted range for small hydro is between 10 MW and 50 MW.  


Sponsor: Sponsors are private entities investing in a developing country that have an equity participation of at least 15 percent in the project in the year of data update. A foreign state-owned enterprise is also considered a private entity. If no single sponsor has equity participation of at least 15 percent, the database identifies the sponsor as "Others".


Total Activity: the combination of projects in the pipeline as well as those that reached financial closure. Used to indicate overall activity in a region, country or technology sector.


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