Ulez & Shkopet SHPPs

Project Information
Country: Albania Location: Mat River, Northern Albania
Technology: Small Hydro Development stage: Pipeline
Status: Under development Number of system(s): 1
Captive facility: No Percentage captive: ..
Contract Information
Type of PPI: Divestiture Subtype of PPI: Full
Contract period (years): .. Termination year: ..
Main revenue source(s): PPA/WPA payments Contract award method: Competitive bidding
Bid criteria: Highest price paid to government Number of bids: ..
Renewal contract award method: Not Applicable Renewal bid criteria: Not Applicable
Government granting contract: Federal Renewal number of bids: ..
Financial Information
Project company: HEC Ulet Shkopet
Publicly traded: No Stock market: N/A
Type of government support: ..
PPP project: Yes Related infrastructure by government:
PPP part of public project: No Key features of guarantee:
Key features to support revenue/reduce cost: PPA with KESH Total cost of public project:
PPP type: Services contracted by the government Concession period type: ..
Banks/funds involved (depth financing):
Commissioning date: Project grid: Albania
Carbon credits: No

Sponsor Details

Sponsor % Ownership Country of origin
Kurum 100 Turkey

Project Investment History (proposed investment listed for pipeline projects)

Year % private Payment commitments to the government * Investment commitments in physical assets Capacity Type Government cash subsidy commitments
2012 100 .. 76 50 MW ..

Multilateral Support Details

No details available

Funding Details

No details available