This page is an advanced search access point to all of the renewable energy data contained in the website. Explore the options below and generate lists of projects or data tables based on your preferences. The projects contained in this site are placed into one of two development stage categories: projects that have reached financial closure and pipeline projects. Records of projects reaching financial closure date back to 1993, whereas coverage of pipeline projects begins in 2011. Advanced search options are described below:


See the latest trends in renewable energy projects by region, country, or technology.
  • Project level data

    Project Level Data

    Generate a list of projects that includes key details such as project size, technology type, sponsor, main revenue source, multilateral development bank support and more.

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  • Aggregated data on renewable energy

    Aggregated Data

    Generate a table that aggregates data according to geographic region, country and generation technology type. Aggregation is presented as either a count of projects, or a summation of total capacity (MW) and investment (USD million).
    Number of projects
    Total investment and capacity

  • Renewable energy project sponsors

    Sponsor Data

    See the list of a sponsor's activity for projects going back to 1993 with details such as project development stage, project capacity, generation technology and investment.