Methodology — Renewable Energy Database

Data Collection

The data is collected and updated semi-annually through a comprehensive review of investment activity in each low and middle-income country by searching through public sources. Each project identified is subjected to four criteria before being included:

  • Is this a renewable energy infrastructure project, located in a developing country?
  • Is there private participation of at least 25 percent?
  • Has financial closure been reached, or has 25 percent of construction been completed?
  • For pipeline projects, is it within two years of commissioning?
  • Is the project at least 1 MW or USD 1 million?

If a project qualifies, the project is categorized and entered based on 50+ different fields which are explained in more detail in the research methodology.



Data collection and reviews are done based on the following sources:

  • Press releases and newspaper articles;
  • Specialized publications, such as industry magazines and government reports;
  • Websites of sponsors, national regulating agencies or other PPI contract awarding bodies;
  • Websites of multilateral agencies and annual reports.

If the publicly available information does not provide sufficient data, then researchers request the missing information directly from: project companies, developers, sponsors, governments and regulatory agencies.