Hayleys Nirmalapura Wind Farm

Project Information
Country: Sri Lanka Location: Uppudaluwa, Kalpitiya, Nortwest Sri Lanka
Technology: Wind Development stage: Financial Closure
Status: Operational Number of system(s): 1
Captive facility: No Percentage captive: ..
Contract Information
Type of PPI: Greenfield project Subtype of PPI: Build, own, and operate
Contract period (years): .. Termination year: ..
Main revenue source(s): PPA/WPA payments Contract award method: ..
Bid criteria: Not Applicable Number of bids: ..
Renewal contract award method: Not Applicable Renewal bid criteria: Not Applicable
Government granting contract: Federal Renewal number of bids: ..
Financial Information
Project company: Nirmalapura Wind Power Pvt Ltd.
Publicly traded: No Stock market: N/A
Type of government support: ..
PPP project: Yes Related infrastructure by government:
PPP part of public project: No Key features of guarantee:
Key features to support revenue/reduce cost: 20 year standard PPA for wind power. Tariff set at LKR19.43 all in ($0.146) Total cost of public project:
PPP type: Services contracted by the government Concession period type: Fixed concession Period
Banks/funds involved (depth financing): HSBC
Commissioning date: 2011 Project grid: Sri Lanka
Carbon credits: No

Sponsor Details

Sponsor % Ownership Country of origin
Akbar Brothers .. Sri Lanka
Debug Group .. Sri Lanka
Hayleys Group (Sri Lanka) 30 Sri Lanka
Hirdaramani Group .. Sri Lanka

Project Investment History (proposed investment listed for pipeline projects)

Year % private Payment commitments to the government * Investment commitments in physical assets Capacity Type Government cash subsidy commitments
2011 100 .. 17 11 MW ..

Multilateral Support Details

No details available

Funding Details

Funding year Private debt funding Capital grants Government funding Local public bank funding Donor funding Debt equity grant ratio Private equity funding
2011 9 .. .. .. .. 50/50 9